Liste des films 2022
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Liste des films 2022



7:30-9:15 pm

Block 1 (98.5 min.)

Invisible Manners – John Lee Taggart (UK)
There is Nothing Nice Deep Within – Fiorella Spitzer (Hungary)
Grump in the Night – Kris Theorin (USA)
Of Wood – Owen Klatte (USA)
The Cloaked Realm “Tunnel 23” – Marisa Cohen, Peter Issac Alexander (USA)
A little too much – Martina Scarpelli (USA)
A TINY MAN – Aude David, Mikaël Gaudin (France)
Annah la Javanaise – Fatimah Tobing Rony (Indonesia)
Autumn Leaves – Wojciech Ostrycharz (Poland)
Bellysaurus – Philip Watts (Australia)
BOA – Nicolas Eduardo Parra (Colombia)
Keep Painting, Mom – Heloise Magny (Canada)

9:30-11:15 pm

BLOCK 13: Attending Animators 1 (93 min.)

In the Fray – Allyson Lorraine Glenn (Canada)
Close Call – Amr El-Bayoumi, Matt Tsymbal (USA)
Heaven – Art Wild (USA)
Egg – Chryssa Voudouri (Greece)
Boys Clap, Girls Dance – Dena Springer (USA)
Nipped – Galit Ariel (Canada)
I Spy – Ian Keteku, Dorielle Retemyer (Canada)
Saloon – Jeffrey Wisniewski (USA)
The Ratcatcher’s Daughter – Jim Bryson, Adam Jeffcoat (Canada)
Treasure – Kavika Sharma (India)
The Forest King – Lubomir Arsov (Canada)


1:00-2:45 pm

Block 2 (93 min.)

Audition in Hell – George Port (New Zealand)
Nurture – Ying-Fang Shen (USA)
Treasure – Kavika Sharma (India)
Unsaid Words – Stark Zhao (USA)
Harvest – Sun Lijun (China)
The end of war – Lei Chen (China)
Of Wood – Owen Klatte (USA)
All We Knew And Ever Loved – Earthside – Maxime Tiberghien, Sylvain Favre (France)
Air – Brian Wilcox (USA)
Echo – Sergio Kotsovoulos (Greece)
Growing Pains – Ruthie Harrison (USA)

3:15-4:45 pm

Block 3 (97 min.)

Catisfaction – Andre Marques Almeida (Portugal)
The Torch of Rock and Roll – K-ROD (Canada)
A Balsa feat. Califrê: My Fears – Felipe Barbosa Palacio (Brazil)
Elephant in Castle – Florence Yuk Ki Lee (Hong Kong)
A Girl meets a Boy and a Robot – Watanabe Shinichiro (China)
Bellysaurus – Philip Watts (Australia)
Battleversary – MtM Class of 2020, Adrian Hansen (Canada)
In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket – Yoko Yuki (Japan)
Bodies and Souls : Inertia – Loqmane Bahri (Abîmes Productions) (France)
Belonging: ROSALINE – Luke Hill (USA)
NOTHINGNESS – Waldemar Borth (Germany)
Color-less – Estefania Piñeres (Colombia)

5:00-6:45 pm

Block 14 – Attending Animators 2 (98 min)

Beacon – Clarke Stallworth (USA)
Moon Blood – Katia Korzinov (Israel)
The Fountaineer – Matthew Sandager (USA)
Tomorrow, an animated film about climate change – Mohammad Shihab Uddin (Bangladesh)
Bunty Bear and the Snowy Surprise – Robert Swofford (USA)
VRDLK: Family of Vurdulak – Samuel Chou (Canada)
The Undertaker – Sergei Kibus (Canada)
Remember your Ancestors – Vazgen Gyulkhandanyan (Canada)
Unforgotten – Sujin Kim (USA)
Going – Carson G Smith (USA)
Roadwash – Hari Leigh (USA)

7:00-8:15 pm

Block 11 – Music Videos (70 mins.)

Home?-Ukraine – Helena Giersz (USA)
A little too much – Martina Scarpelli (USA)
The Image of the Fox – Alec Iselin (USA)
TOTEM – Javier Ideami (Spain)
In the Fray – Allyson Lorraine Glenn (Canada)
Ancestral Prototypes – Jim Warren, Krusou (USA)
Modern Siren – Tomas Lin (Taiwan)
Persephone – Hao tian Li (China)
She Was Crying Sugar – Tommy Simms (USA)
Oyasumi~Lullaby of Flame~ – Arisa Wakami (Japan)
Guard of Honour – Edmunds Jansons (Latvia)
NOMAD – A. El Abyad, L. Zakhour, T. Qaddoumi (Lebanon)
Nuance – Jeff Malo, Sébastien Sigouin-Couturier (Canada)
The Ripe Plantain – Jorge M. Merino (Venezuela)


1:00-2:45 pm

BLOCK 12 – Kids’ Videos (112 mins.)

Harvest – Sun Lijun (China)
The Giant with a House 2 – Sin-hong Chan (Hong Kong)
Color-less – Estefania Piñeres (Colombia)
Cui Wen Zi Training for Immortality – Jiaqi Wang (China)
KID – Yang Yu (China)
Treasure – Kavika Sharma (India)
Invisible Manners – John Lee Taggart (UK)
The Perfect Fit – Meinardas Valkevičius (Lithuania)
Gift – Jiaqi Bin (China)
KUUMBA UMBO / BIRTH OF FORM – Ekaterina Ogorodnikova (Belgium)
Pivot – Ana Gusson (Canada)
Bellysaurus – Philip Watts (Australia)
There is exactly enough time – Oskar Salomonowitz (Austria)
Cool For You – Sherene Strausberg (USA)
Pim & Pom at the Museum: The Big City – Gioia Smid (Netherlands)

3:00-4:30 pm

Block 5 (97.5 mins.)

Manō – Brittany Biggs (USA)
Orpheus – Guy K. Ward (UK)
Absence of sense for the absence of sense – HyeunJoo Woo, JiYoon Park (Korea)
Doll+: Body Transmigration in its Ideal Fantasy – Ran Zhou (Canada)
How To Survive The Heatwave And Stay Human – Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi (Israel)
Mila – Cinzia Angelini (USA)
Cui Wen Zi Training for Immortality – Jiaqi Wang (China)
Rat Snacks – Antony Kos (Canada)
Lacrimae – Jacob Lee (UK)
Hand – Tsz-Wing Ho (Hong Kong)
Pulse At The Centre Of Being – Tsz-Wing Ho (Hong Kong)

5:00-7:00 pm

Block 15 – Attending Animators 3 (117 min.)

Interface – Justin Amit Tomchuk (Canada)

7:00-8:45 pm

Block 4 (98 min.)

Desert Waltz – Alan Rosenfeld (USA)
LORENZO AND THE MIRROR – Angela Conigliaro (Italy)
Set It Off Tonight – Mindy Strouse, Lisa Dietrich (USA)
Gruf and Me – Dovi Keich (Israel)
Johnny Crow – Xstine Cook, Jesse Gouchey (Canada)
Cool For You – Sherene Strausberg (USA)
Home Remedy – Andrea Garcia de Alba, Santiago Zorrilla (Canada)
In the meadow – Hélène Matte (Canada)
Anywhere But Here – Maitry Rao (UK)
FETCH – Stereo Mix [5.1 mix also available] – Sam Gill (New Zealand)
Ethan Art Venture – Nuria Dixon (USA)
¡Nails! – Eliana Pipes (USA)
Restless Is the Night – Xiaoxue Meng, Yuehan Tan (USA)
Free Speech for Hamsters – Dennis Sisterson (UK)

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