2019 Speakers
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2019 Speakers

Ariana Williams

Ariana Williams

Ariana Williams is the CEO of Minutia Productions and the Founder of Devaria Technologies.


Before starting her own companies, she worked as a Video Producer at CBS Interactive.

Some of her live television production experience includes:
The BET Awards, The NAACP Image Awards and Real Time with Bill Maher.
Ariana has traveled internationally to produce workshops for numerous film festivals.


Most recently, she was a Special Jury member for Diversity in Cannes, at the 72nd International Cannes Film Festival.

Geoffrey James

Geoffrey James

Geoffrey James has been a computer animator since 1986. His best-known works are the feature-length machinima Borg War (2006) and the award-winning short The Blood Pope (2017), which he produced for less than $1,000. He is the author of numerous books and a Contributing Editor at Inc.com.

Luc Chamberland

Luc Chamberland

Luc Chamberland is a multi-award winning film maker. A native of Montreal he work and lived for 20 years in Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Budapest and other cultured inspiring hotspots. Based primarily in London England, Luc animated and directed countless commercials in all styles and mediums of animation. He was he animator -director for Hollywood productions working for Spielbergs productions and Warner Brothers . Luc was animation director for the Dreamworks feature film ”Joseph the King of Dreams”.


Recently Luc created a series of short films with The National Film Board of Canada with his latest feature award winning film ”Seth’s Dominion”.


Luc loves film making always exploring news medium and styles inspired by the entire history of cinema and new digital arts.

Nissim Hezkiyau

Nissim Hezkiyau

Founder and Artistic director of ANIMIX Tel Aviv – The International festival for Animation, Comics and Caricature in Tel Aviv Cinematheque, since 2001.

Represented Israel in many Cartoon / Animation festivals and events around the world. among the countries: Italy, Portugal, France, China, South Korea, Japan, Brazil.

Yoni Salmon

Yoni Salmon

Animator, director & Cartoonist, Head of Animation department at Minshar school of art, Tel Aviv.

Lecturer and essayist in the field of animation and pop-culture.

Iona Pelovsky

Iona Pelovska – Curator

Iona Pelovska is an Artist/Filmmaker and Doctor of Philosophy interested in the human capacity to assemble realities. Her work foregrounds art as the interface of perception and dream, exploring the limits of language through an open-ended trans-mediumatic approach. Glitch: Digital Dreams and Data Disruptions brings together the work of artists and researchers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital language, conjuring new realities, unthinkable before the emergence of digital vision.


Arna Selznick Animaze 2019

Arna Selznick

Arna Selznick is an award-winning director and story artist. As a pioneering female director of animated feature films such as The Care Bears Movie in 1984, Arna inspires and entertains families with her imaginative storytelling. Arna’s director credits include: The Care Bears Movie, Little Bear (season 2), and Back to School with Franklin. In addition, Arna’s feature story artist credits include feature films such as: The Nut Job Sequel, Spark, and Rock and Rule; and television series such as: Nerds and Monsters, Kate and Mim-Mim, 6teen, The Animated Mr. Bean, and The Inspector Gadget original series.

John van Bruggen Animaze 2019

John van Bruggen

John Van Bruggen is currently HEAD WRITER on BRAVE BUNNIES, an adorable animated series by GLOWBERRY (Ukraine).


John wrote the screenplay for Nelvana’s new 22-minute CG short, THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING, directed by Arna Selznick and based on the popular children’s book by creator Ashley Spires. THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING is screening at the Ottawa Animation Festival.


John Van Bruggen has over twenty years of experience writing entertaining, production-friendly scripts for animation. With his partner, director Arna Selznick, he wrote and co-directed a series of musical animated shorts based on their jazzy hepcat character, COOLMAN! John’s directing credits in animation include BEETLEJUICE, FRANKLIN, GEORGE & MARTHA, the
direct-to-DVD feature FRANKLIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT, and the Gemini Award-winning series JIM HENSON’S DOG CITY. John is a member of the WGC and SOCAN.

Michelle Kuen Suet Fung Director Animaze 2019

Michelle Fung

Belonging to a generation of young western-trained Hong Kong artist, Michelle returned to Hong Kong in 2011 to pursue her art career after living almost two decades in Vancouver, Canada. Owing to her multi-faceted background and international outlook, she draws inspirations from a wide range of sources and popular sub-cultures, including fairy tales, children’s picture books, the Japanese Otaku, fifteenth-century European etching, as well as traditional Chinese painting. Animals and their relationships with humans explored from various intellectual and philosophical angles whether emotional, sustenance or environmental, is a long recurring thread in her works.

Christine Papalexis Director

Christine Papalexis

Christine Papalexis started her career in puppetry by performing and making marionettes at Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles. Hand puppets were next, followed by cable, animatronic and hydraulic puppets for movies, tv, videos and commercials. Her first feature was a Roger Corman gem, puppeteering a giant cockroach creature with buckets of blood and slime. Then she worked at various creature effects companies in LA, puppeteering aliens, a bull, a gorilla, a sex scene with marionettes, a martian, a couple of penguins, a pink teddy bear and more.

Papalexis has also created her own artwork, including two marionette shows made of found objects. The short film, Amaterasu, is based on one of those shows and was commissioned by Heather Henson. Christine is a past president of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry.

Gerald Potterton Animaze 2019

Gerald Potterton

Gerald Potterton is a British–Canadian director, producer and animator. He is best known for directing the cult classic Heavy Metal and his animation work on Yellow Submarine.

Athena Georgaklis Animaze 2019

Athena Georgaklis

Athena Georgaklis is the newly appointed Head of Content for Nelvana. Georgaklis, a highly respected animation executive, leads the acquisition of rights and the development of all original content for Nelvana, working with the studio’s producers, creators, and talent around the world.

Mylene Gosselin Animaze 2019

Mylene Gosselin

Gameplay Animator at Ubisoft Montreal

Christian Hassler

Christian Hassler

Christian Hassler is a mathematics graduate student from the New England region of the United States. His current work explores neural network algorithms as a subfield of generative art. Motivated by a fascination with human perception, Christian eschews conceptual approaches in favor of the experiential or even physiological. Hypnogogia and illusion are frequent themes. He has been studying and working with generative adversarial networks for image synthesis since March of 2019, and releases his work online under various pseudonymous identities.

Nigar Nazar

Nigar Nazar

Nigar Nazar is the first woman cartoonist of Pakistan and of the Muslim world. Nigar’sGogicartoons have appeared in a number of daily newspapers, periodicals and TV programs at home and abroad. She is twice a Fulbright scholar. Nigar has been invited to be on juries to judge cartoon entries in international competitions, and has represented Pakistan in Turkey , China , Nepal , Singapore, Malaysia , Sri Lanka , Australia, Libya, UK, Algeria, and the US. She is one of the founding members of the Asian Youth Association for Animators and Cartoonists (AYAAC) with headquarters in Guiyang, China.


At present the cartoon strips appear on Official Fb:Gogi studios .Four children’s hospitals in Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been decorated with Gogi cartoon murals carrying health messages educating millions everyday. Nigar has to her credit over twenty books for children.


She was nominated by BBC for “100 Global women who made a difference in 2014” NHK ,largest TV channel of Japan has produced a 28 minute documentary which was aired on February 19 and 20,2015 .The President of Pakistan launched her book on Corruption called “Gogi says NO to Corruption. She received the Government of Pakistan’s Fatima Jinnah Award for her contribution to Art.Recently Nigar was voted for THE NEWS POWER WOMEN 50.


She was nominated by National Book Foundation to be The Book Ambassador for 2016 and again for 2017 and 2018. Nigar is twice a Fulbright scholar .She was awarded the plaque for Distinguished (Fulbright )Alumna in 2016. She was nominated for the program “Direct Access to Islam.”

The New Dates September 17th-19th, 2023