Student Film Contest
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Student Film Contest

April 17 2015 : 5:30pm at H110 Auditorium

Welcome to ANIMAZE Animation Film Festival !

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The goal of our festival is to celebrate animation in all of its forms. In our inaugural year, we are focusing on films that would never reach a large North American audience by holding an International Animated Film contest. We’re presenting new films from around the world, some of these films are screening in Canada for the first time.

ANIMAZE supports emerging talent with a student film contest giving animators and visibility exposure lending a helping hand in the industry and to validate student work in a fun environment to the general public.


About the Contest – What, Where, When and Why


Montreal is one of the biggest university cities in the world and a majority are the top animation schools in the country. We felt it was necessary to get them involved.

ANIMAZE supports the local and international animation community. What better way of helping Montreal and Canadian based students by holding a contest to get them exposure in the industry allowing the general public to see some amazing new shorts !


ANIMAZE Student Animated Shorts contest will take place April 17th 2015 7 pm at Concordia’s Henry Hall building auditorium H110, 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvrd, Montréal.

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This is a school vs. school competition with the winning institution getting bragging rights for a year as they are crowned “Best of ANIMAZE FILMS 2015!” We want to create a friendly rivalry between the schools in the spirit of competition.

7 schools enters our 2015 ANIMAZE STUDENT CONTEST, with 3 shorts submitted by school. All these movies will be played April 17th 7pm at Concordia University Grand Auditorium H110.


The Winner will be announced during the Closing Ceremony April 19th. His short movie will be screened again at H110 during this event.


– Same old Beans, by Claire Lecker (1:13)


– Forest of Sounds, by Alexandra Rodiguez (1:15)


– We Have Made Gods, by Zynor Majeed (1:40)


– Émilio, by Fanny Berthiaume and Marilyne Marcotte (1:03)


– NELE, by Josué Boisvert, Marc-Antoine Lemerise, Carolyne Martin and Vincent Turcot (1:23)


– Atmosphère, by Robin Tremblay, Nicolas Noel Jodoin and Olivier Lambert Rouillard + Atmosphère Team (5:20)


– Illusion, by Laurence Grégoire (1:01)


– L’aube, by Émile Poissant (1:26)


– Le Ballon, by Gabriel Blondel (2:10)

cegepmatane_college little

– Edgar, by Marie-Eve Bélanger, Jonathan Grondin, Maude Fournier and Cédric Queland (4:16)


– Paulie Lau, by Samuel Rainville, Philippe Parent, Alexandre Bérubé and Baptiste Marchand Paré (3:20)


– Walt, by Christopher Perron, Alex Beaupré St-Louis, Louis Renard and Julien Coll (2:39)


– El Terror, by Frank Olivier (1:26)


– Épouvantable épouvantail, by Vanessa Lalonde (1:29)


– Bankso, by David Perron (0:56)


– For the Greater Gourd, by Nik Ottinger (2:40)


– Space Invader, by Ian Crooke Grimes (2:26)


– The Last In Line, by Zaki Saati (2:12)


– The Bench, by Johann Hugues Lamarche (2:30)


– The man who cut trees down, by Raymond Lanctot (1:40)


– A short film on love, by Charles Fortier (1:05)




You can download, print and spread everywhere our ANIMAZE 2015 Poster, by Tom Tassel HERE

We are asking for all participates to promote the event within their program/institution as much as possible. We want to see crowds cheering for their schools submission! We are trying to establish a friendly rivalry between schools. Posters will be made available to each participant and we ask they be posted around the school and to have the professors announce the event to their classes in your film program.


Submissions, Judges and Prizes


Each institution will submit 3 shorts from its student body to represent their team. The jury will rate each film without knowing which school the short film is from.

We will award prizes to the top three individual shorts submitted. Prizes ands award to the winners.

We are taking submissions from schools all over the greater Montreal , province of Quebec and Canada.

Submissions must be received no later than March 31, 2015.


Contest Rules


Submissions must be from a currently enrolled student of the institution who is submitting the short. The short must have been made while the student was enrolled with the school. Films which were started before the student was enrolled but completed while attending the school in question is eligible.

We are looking for shorts between 1 to 5 minutes +/- ALL forms of animation such as stop motion, CGI, are accepted.

ANIMAZE reserves the right to disallow any film it deems unfit for the contest.

Check the Past edition