Exotic Man - Animaze Montreal International Animation Festival
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Selection 2019

Exotic Man

Directed by Barnaby Catterall
International Student Contest
August 30th

ESMA Excentris

Animation Block Party, SeeMôr Short Film Festival, Animation Marathon, Lucid Dream Fantastic Film Festival, Crossing The Screen, HiFest, Youth Lens Film Festival, InShort Film Festival, Arizona Animated Film Festival
Big Shoulders Film Festival Finalist, CHIYOKO KO Jury Selection
Barnaby Catterall Exotic Man
Director: Barnaby Catterall
Writer: Barnaby Catterall
Producer: Barnaby Catterall
Music: Ben Forse


8 m 21 s
United Kingdom

An alien takes a journey to find himself in a small British seaside town.

This mighty Alien has traveled the far distances of the universe, a voyage which has let him to discover this new land. This “new land” happens to be earth, and he has unknowingly visited a small English seaside town, and is very confused by what he finds.

Barnaby Catterall

Barnaby Is a British director and animator from the South of England, who is currently based in Toronto, Canada.

He has a passion for storytelling, and developed his storytelling through animation whilst at university in Bournemouth. His work combines colourful and graphic visuals and with absurd plots and dark comedy to create surreal stories.


International Student Contest
August 30th

ESMA Excentris