Etude - Animaze Montreal International Animation Festival
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Selection 2019


Directed by Sarah Amburgey
International Student Contest
August 30th

ESMA Excentris

Etude Sarah Amburgey poster
Director: Sarah Amburgey
Writer: Sarah Amburgey
Producer: Paige Summers
3 m 42 s
United States

On her way home from studying, a young woman finds herself in front of a ballet studio where she encounters a little girl. Through this encounter, she remembers her past and revisits a world she thought she could never be a part of, because of her flaws.

Our main goal with our short was to convey bittersweet emotions through animation. We wanted to explore, loss, hope, and nostalgia. We used bright and magical imagery to convey the enchanted view of the past many of us hold in our minds. We also mixed in elements of stark black and white to explore the anxiety that we also have inside of us.

Sarah Amburgey

Sarah and her team created Etude as a senior capstone project at the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

International Student Contest
August 30th

ESMA Excentris