Animals and Nature - Animaze Montreal International Animation Festival
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Animals and Nature

Title Directors Country of Origin Duration Trailer URL
A City of Rust Omar El Araby Netherlands 00:13:15
a tale of crows Roy Taylor United States 00:07:15
To Build a Fire Fx Goby France 00:13:00
SHADOWS Isaac Kerlow Singapore 00:11:30
Little Folk of the Arctic Neil Christopher Canada 00:03:10
Ogress of the Gravelbank Neil Christopher Canada 00:02:29
Fred Left Channel United States 00:01:13
another day in paradise bellopropello Switzerland 00:02:26
The Forest Paper SIPPARPAD KRONGRAKSA Thailand 0:04:00
My Little Dog Maestro – The Trouble With Cats Maria Mac Dalland Denmark 00:08:54
“Illusory” Birds Ao Chen China 00:02:00
The Autumn Xin Li Australia 00:03:03
First Snow Lenka Ivančíková Czech Republic 00:13:34