Animaze Speakers at the conferencce program
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Animaze Speakers at the conferencce program

Animaze Speakers at the conferencce program

Animaze Speakers

Dave Sidaway

News photographer, Montreal Gazette

Mary Hughson

Graphic Artist, Montreal Gazette

Gerald Potterton

Director 3x Academy Award nominee, My Financial Career, The Railroader, Heavy Metal


Cartoonist, Montreal Gazette

Marie-Claude Beauchamp

Co-Founder, CarpeDiem Film & TV

Clive Smith

Cofounder, Nelvana Animation Studios

George Snow

VR content producer/director

Pascal Pelletier

Founder, Fig55 (Productions Figure 55)

Melleny Melody

Voice actor; President, Play Records

Neil Bell


Anne Pages

Animation producer

Athena …read more

The New Dates September 17th-19th, 2023