Team and Thanks
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Team and Thanks

Laurie Gordon Director of Animaze

Festival Director

Laurie Gordon

Laurie creates alliances nurturing partnerships in animation, film, gaming and related tech industries.

She is a film marketing consultant and media entrepeneur. Laurie says “My strength is seeing the big picture envisioning what will go from trend to standard. I am ahead of the curve when people don’t understand what is to me around the corner.

I often know intuitively because to me it’s purely logical due in part to having an indie band in the music industry for many years, having a good imagination and experiencing first hand the collapse of the music industry years before it’s decline. I was an early adopter of new technologies and the internet utilizing and myspace and other platforms when they were startups perceived as threats and rogue forces.

This experience has lead me to embrace new technologies as I advance my entrepreneurial skills.

”Laurie is a festival circuit professional and speaker at industry conferences.She produced Spare Change for animator Oscar nominee Ryan Larkin, subject of Oscar winning film “Ryan” and finished directing his film after his untimely death during production.

This story was depicted in the documentary film Ryan’s Renaissance produced with Bell Media. The film depicts the incredible arc of Larkin’s life and career. Laurie produced Oscar winner Co Hoedeman’s semi autobiographical animated film 55 Socks about Hoedeman’s childhood during the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands.

Laurie has also curated for Francophonies , the Moscow International Film Festival, Animation Day in Cannes (Animaze in Cannes) and is a co-producer of the World of Film Festival Glasgow UK. She is currently in pre-production with several animation and live action films and recording some new music. She’s also an avid animal love and has two cats and two dogs!


Iona Pelovska

Iona Pelovska is an Artist/Filmmaker and Doctor of Philosophy interested in the human capacity to assemble realities. Her work foregrounds art as the interface of perception and dream, exploring the limits of language through an open-ended trans-mediumatic approach. Glitch: Digital Dreams and Data Disruptions brings together the work of artists and researchers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital language, conjuring new realities, unthinkable before the emergence of digital vision.

Trevor Burnett


Trevor Brunnet

Trevor Burnett est un artiste versatile de Montréal, vivant actuellement en Israël. Il a commencé l’animation en 2003, inspiré par des artistes tels que Don Hertzfeld. Il a passé les années suivantes en tant que contributeur actif et membre de Newgrounds, produisant des animations image par image et des films en stop motion. En 2006, il a eu l’opportunité de passer l’après-midi avec le réalisateur de l’ONF Ryan Larkin. Trois ans plus tard, Trevor a obtenu son diplôme du Collège Dawson en Arts Créatifs, Langage et Littérature, ayant majoré en cinéma et animation.

Bien qu’il n’anime plus, il conserve sa passion pour le genre, et apprécie des séries reconnues telles que Cowboy Bebop, mais aussi des projets pilotes comme le prometteur Starship goldfish, des mini séries web comme Sublo and Tangy Mustard, et tout ce qui peut passer lors de projections ou festivals.