Virtual Reality – medical miracles to social change

This event is on August 19, 2017 12:30 pm

Virtual Reality is leaping from mere entertainment to enormous promise and giving more than hope in the medical field . Already showing amazing results in rehabilitation VR is inspiring a growth in neuroscience and medical research. We gather a group of speakers to talk about their experiences in VR for social good and medical miracles.Speakers include Neil Bell of Migrant’s Journey (also at MIAFF 2017), Hannah Cohen of Osmos Academy, Peter Wilkinson, multimedia  creative consultant,  and Dr. Samir Sangani research scientist at McGill University is simplifying complex VR technologies for patients with brain injury, researching virtual reality for neurological rehabilitation.

Together these amazing of VR explorers, specialists and content creators will come together to share their stories and tell us about their insights and future in VR