Opening Ceremony
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Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony of Animaze 2016 at the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal with seven films from Croatia, China , UK, US, Canada and Greece. Inspiring, emotional and touching upon contemporary issues of modern society, these films are the perfect start to this year’s festival, carrying the modern theme of a “Brave New World“. The ceremony and screening are followed by an opening after party at SAT: Société des arts technologiques in association with the Domesicle series. Tickets are available here.


FatPants_Still1Fat Pants byKyle Greenberg & Malcolm Rizzuto, US, 2015: An animated autobiography about a dude trying to make sense of his learning disabilities, parents’ failed marriage, and oversized clothing.



klementhro_posterKlementhro by Ben Mitchell, UK, 2015: Klementhro may not have it all, but at least he has his paddle. A cautionary tale.





Poster_v1There is still life by Maxime Roz, Yann Jobin & Thibault Houdon, Canada, 2016: In a museum, a night guard is doing his watch and leaving the place.
A glimpse of light draws us into a remote space in which we see two crystal vases and a huge lion statue.
Suddenly, a noise is heard and our lion is transported to a magical dream world where everything can be expected.



unknownUnknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions by Dalibor Barić, Croatia, 2015: A secret Foundation is financing the work of a parapsychological phenomena and mental film research institute. Correspondence between the Foundation and the institute runs through a chosen reporter. In order to be informed objectively and confidentially, the Foundation uses agents with induced synthetic identity. This process temporarily curbs the agents’ true personality. Reporter Isidor Dukas arrives to the institute. Facing one of the test subjects, something which was supposed to be routine control turns into an infinite labyrinth…


Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 00.44.26Transparency by Daniel Šuljić, Croatia, 2015: Moving through a world filled with scanners and surveillance algorithms, while frivolously using different social networks, online forms and credit cards, the man of today gives away his privacy voluntarily. A decent citizen has nothing to hide. Only criminals do.



AureliaAurelia by Christos Bourantas, Greece, 2016: A young girl drifts through the dark, empty city on a lonely journey. Fragments of her past unfold the story of an unusual phenomenon to which her life is bound: a worldwide jellyfish outbreak.



Red eggRed Egg by Hoi Chiu, China, 2016: RED EGG is sand animation consist of 1582 individual sand painting. The story is about ones life from start to the end, with the desire of chasing dream among every stages of life. It is about love, sadness, anxiety, sickness, religion… all about life is condensed into a 4 mins 45 second animation.


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