Brave New World

This event is on August 19, 2016 1:00 pm

Project TitleDirectorsCountry of
AlphabetSean RuecroftUnited States0h 7m 6sIn a world oppressed by machines, one man uses art to inspire revolution.Dans un monde plein de machines, un seul homme utilise l'art comme propagande révolutionnaire. 
Last JudgmentJunyi XiaoUnited States0h 2m 59s50 years ago, the Culture Revolution took place in China. This short story happened on that special time period, but can be more than that…
ParadiseLaura VandewynckelBelgium0h 5m 38sShort: Paths cross, but never intersect, as people head for a better place on either side of the ocean. Long: Paradise is the story of people heading for a better place on either side of the ocean. Although at times their paths do cross, they never really seem to meet. Nos chemins croisent mais nos destins jamais, séparés par cette océan.
Magic ForestArtur MarcolPoland0h 3m 45sMagic Forest is a short story about charms and temptations of a magic forest. Main character, a loony and indomitable squirrel, invites a bunny friend to live the unforgettable journey... Magic forest is a bitter story coated with sugar glaze, a story about friendship, choices and the power of desire.Magic Forest est un animation qui présente les charmes et les tentations du forêt magique. Le personnage principal est un écureuil un peu fou qui invite son ami le lapin comme compagnon d'aventure.  Magic forest est un histoire amer glacé d'un sucre doux, un histoire d'amitié, de choix et le pouvoir du désir. 
BalconyDávid Dell'EderaHungary0h 6m 18sEveryone does what they want to. The people from this movie are not sure what they want to do yet.
JailbreakAaron SorensonUnited States0h 1m 20sShot in black and white, "Jailbreak" follows the daring escape of a prisoner fleeing his cell and his quest for sweet punishment. The animated short from HouseSpecial Director Aaron Sorenson is a German Expressionist-inspired design mash-up of stop-motion and illustration … with a decidedly adult twist.Monté en noir et blanc, "Jailbreak" est la fuite d'un prisonnier qui échappe sa cellule pour exécuter sa révanche. Ce court est dirigé par directeur Aaron Sorenson qui est un expressioniste allemand qui aime jouer avec différents types de médias et les éléments adultes. 
JUNKWalter TournierUruguay0h 5m 0sMemories of life in an apocalyptic world.Souvenirs de la vie dans un monde apocalyptique.
Urban BeautyZoe MillerUnited States0h 2m 48sAbandoned and alone, Street Rat walked the streets of Detroit as a lost spirit. The stress of her existence chased her in the form of a fierce demon, and when she looked into its eyes she could see the pains of her unfortunate past. Trapped in the desolate concrete jungle of Detroit there seemed to be no escape; the demon followed her every step as graffiti paint in the walls of abandoned buildings. She soon found that the key to her own salvation was inside her all along; she just needed to discover it.Dans un vieil batiment du un quartier désert de Detroit se trouve  Street Rat, une jeune délinquante. Ele avait perdu son nom réel au moment de son mort. Elle ne sait pas pourquoi elle est encore ici ni comment elle a été tuée. Voici son histoire. 
Tu mourras moins bêteAmandine FredonFrance0h 3m 0sProfessor Moustache demystifies science and effortlessly explains a few things about gravity, blood cells, light sabres and more.Professeur Moustache démystifie la science et explique sans efforts les questions de la gravité, les cellules sanguines et même la fonction des light sabers.
Riptide RhapsodyKenton Brett and David JarredUnited States0h 6m 51sFive furry and fluffy friends are swept out to sea and into an amazing adventure. They encounter sea monsters, robots, and mutants in this stylistically inventive and hand-made animation.
harukaDaisuke HorideJapan0h 3m 25sRakuyo General High School teacher , Daisuke Horide and his students made this movie.
All The World's a StageHannes RallGermany0h 1m 30sAn animated adaptation of the famous Shakespeare poem "All The World's A Stage" narrated by the renowned Shakespeare actor and director Samuel West. The German Film Assessment Board Wiesbaden (FBW) has awarded its highest distinction "Seal of Approval: Highly Recommended" and says: "With ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE Hannes Rall has fully succeeded in creating a congenial adaptation of one of the most famous monologues from the history of theatre. A pleasure for eye and ear!" Une adaptation animé du poème Shakespeare "All The World's A Stage" dirigé par la figure renommée, Samuel West.  "Hannes Rall a pu créer une adaptation d'un des monologues la plus fameux de l'histoire du théatre. Un plaisir pour tous nos sens!" - le conseil German Film Assessment Board Wiesbaden (FBW)
LimitesGiulia LandiItaly0h 6m 10sThe urban routine of a metropolis at the Alps' foot leads a young girl to dream about an alternative life in the mountains. Her patience slowly runs thin, until she gets fed up and decides to fulfill her dream and leave. But she'll have to face the gap among idealized nature and real wilderness...La vie typique du peuple dans un metropolis au pieds des Alpes encourage une jeune fille d'aller explorer dans les montagnes. Elle ferait face à la réalité de Mère Nature...
Mr SandSOETKIN VERSTEGENBelgium0h 8m 0sA dreamy tale about early cinema, told as an ironic bedtime story. A mix of techniques brings to life the atmosphere of this dangerous new medium. In the back of the story moves Mr Sand. A mysterious character that might be real or imagined.Une histoire onirique propos du premier _ge du cinma, raconte la fáon d'un conte de nuit ironique. Un combinaison de techniques cre l'atmosphre de ce dangereux nouveau mdium. A l'arrire-plan de l'histoire se meut Mr Sand, un mystrieux personnage. Rel ou imagin.
RobinsonSIMON KOUDELACzech Republic0h 6m 0sA variation on a familiar themeUne variation sur un thme familier
DreamcaughtNATASZA CETNERUnited Kingdom0h 3m 0sDreamcaught is a 3 min short animation by Polish animation student Natasza Cetner. It focuses on relations between seemingly accidental images we come across in our dreams or nightmares. The visions we see in our dreams can tell us some stories with sensible plots and characters. We can replay our memories changed in a way according to our emotions or experiences. But what is the most disturbing and therefore fascinating is the chain of surprising, grotesque dark scenes that are stuck in our subconscious. For some reason they are shown together as one. But why? Is that because they are all some kind of interpretations of what we feel right now? What is driving us crazy or is it the projection of our most hidden fears? The film is about those blurred connections between the pictures projected in our sleeping minds. The shots seem to be random, they change rapidly, and the plot is twisted so there is different concept of the meaning for everyone of us. The film is kept in dark surrealistic atmosphere mostly inspired by 20th Century photography such as Andre Kertesz and Henri Cartier-Bresson with an influence of works by Guillaume Apollinaire.-
ReturnEhsan MollazadehIran, Islamic Republic of0h 5m 18sA fantasy world about modernity of future; where the life is too fast for us to be able to think about our life! People just can be a part of the modernity flood. In this world, somebody faces some signs, which makes him think about his past…Un monde fantastique d'un futur moderne où la vie passe vite sans cesse! Dans ce monde, quelqu'un reçoit des signes qui lui fait penser au passé...
Cosmos JoeBenjamin GagnéCanada0h 1m 7sOne day on a spaceship in deep space, Joe the window washer robot finishes his work. He is happy and proud because his vessel is completely clean. He is about to put away his equipment when space debris come crashing down on the glass in front of him. Angry, Joe carefully cleans the new dirt spot, when he is stopped by a loud sound behind his head. A huge threatening enemy vessel, which was the source of all the debris, is now approaching his own ship. Joe is terrified when the enemy gets out its guns and shoots a burst of destructive lasers at him, destroying in a huge blast all his windows. Joe, in poor condition but still motivated, bends on polishing the last piece of glass floating in space.
D: 729.Levi StoopsBelgium0h 4m 57sA lonesome astronaut is, due to a lack of human and physical contact, sexually attracted to his toothbrush. A story about the impossible combination of someone's deepest desires and the world around him.Un astronaute solitaire retrouve un relation sexuel avec sa brosse à dents. Une histoire de son désir humaine et le monde qui l'entoure.
Dead FriendsChangsik LeeCanada0h 1m 45sDecades after a mysterious incurable zombie virus spreads throughout the world mankind is in danger of going extinct. Among the infected there is an old zombie and a dog that remains loyal to his master and hopes he will become human again one day.
SistersDavid ChontosUnited States0h 3m 58sPart exercise of passion, and part love letter, ‘Sisters’ is a fragment of some lost, tragic opera. Trapped in the ruins of their former glory, a pair of performers bound together and abandoned by time rise up to sing once more. Conjured up by the song to which it’s set, the film represents a sincere vision of inspiration derived from the music of Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray). It is the confluence of a variety of abstract concepts, from the fragility of modern technology, to the cruelty of the passage of time. The movement of the characters references legendary contemporary choreographer, Martha Graham; transposing an exercise in human restraint and lamentation onto mechanical beings.D'un part une expression de passion, de l'autre une lettre d'amour, ‘Sisters’ vient d'un opéra dramatique. Le film représente une intérprétation de la musique de Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray). Des références de Martha Graham, le fameux chorégraphe, est un impression de la restriction humaine et la remorse senti envers les êtres mécaniques.  
Joy! Blue MoonJohn VollmerUnited States0h 3m 0sMusic and images intertwine for a joyful experience.La musique et les visuels entrent en mariage pour présenter une expérience inattendue
GaiaPaul TrickettUnited Kingdom0h 3m 51sColossal insectoid creatures migrate across a physical and aural world suspended somewhere between two realities. Ceaseless, rhythmic drones trap the creatures within a complex set of interconnecting organic and cyclic systems.

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