About Animaze

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Animaze is an international film festival and conference exploring the world of animation in all its diversity. Filmmakers and professionals from over 65 countries converge on Montreal in the summer. We engage audiences and develop innovative new opportunities in a unique and fast growing art form.

In concert with our international events, including Animation Day in Cannes, Animaze brings together professionals for unique networking opportunities. Animation studios, VFX vendors, technology companies and film producers will share an exhibition hall and take in a series of panels and masterclasses. Past speakers have included Oscar winner Co Hoedeman, Disney alum Mike Weismeier and British-Canadian director Gerald Potterton.

2016 is the year of VR. The potential for new technologies and new content is boundless. We want to help push the boundaries of how animation is experienced in the physical world. We are not limited to one field for inspiration, and seek out interdisciplinary creative partnerships across industries and sectors.

Animaze and our mascot Monsieur Lemiaff are around the world on the festival circuit. Watch for us at Cannes on May 18!

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